Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The sacrifice of the Self

The maximum ideal under the religious points of view is the sacrifice of the self. Many New Age movements talk about become one with the "consciousness" (See Deepak Chopra). Communism also asks us to sacrifice the individuality for the Collectivity.

That sounds interesting, even fascinating; but, can I really stop to be me?

These are questions and answers that belong to esoteric and theological fields. With the exception of Communism, which was a clear failure (Collectivism only brought poverty, death, famine etc..).

But back to me, can I become something else without being me first? Without knowing who I am?
Isn't this the inner conflict and struggle we face every day?

If we do not belong to ourselves first we can't belong to anyone or anything else; much less become something we are not. First we must find out who we are, what we want and try to be the best of us.

Many people live this life constantly thinking about death. With the illusion to become one, to merge with the supreme being, divinity, consciousness etc., leaving the self behind.
Is that a way of living? What about now and today? I am alive, and as long as I am I will value and cherish, my individuality, my life, my liberty, myself and I do not feel comfortable thinking that I will become one with someone or something else. Something that is not yet clear who or what is it. Stop thinking about the hereafter and concentrate on living today, in the now.

Learn to live a full life and become a better you.

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