Sunday, May 26, 2013

Communication & Oops!

“There are two ways to beat the cruelty of the environment: You can become stronger or you can become smarter. We choose the later.” John Medina, Brain Rules.
This is the way in which humans evolved, Judy DeLoache from the University of Virginia, identified the brain function known as symbolic reasoning. Our evolutionary ancestors as Medina indicates, “didn’t have to keep falling into the same quicksand pit if they could tell others about it; even better if they learned to put up warning signs”. Thanks to the various manifestations of language we were able to draw a lot of knowledge, without having to experience it personally. And this is the great difference between men, gorillas, cats, whales, etc.; we learned to pass on our knowledge to future generations, which placed us at the top of the evolutionary chain, despite being one of the weakest species.
Part of this brain function is the develop of verbal communication through language. I am convinced that my brain did not develop properly or is defective in that area, Let me explain. How about we compare the communication process with the IV therapy (Intravenous therapy): There is a container that contains the fluid (in this case the brain is the recipient that contains the information), this fluid is sent to the mouth by the means of a duct (channel), and to regulate the speed and amount of fluid (words) there is what we know as a dripping chamber. And it is there, at the dripping chamber, where I'm sure I have a severe malfunction problem.
I think fast, I talk fast, and I communicate in the same way. I wanted to think it is due to my zodiac sign Gemini, which according to astrologers is rule by Mercury (Greeks knew him as Hermes).  A Gemini can move at high speeds, unlike a Taurus, they need time to process information, one of the differences which may despair mutually both signs. As a good Gemini I can absorb large amounts of knowledge and information quickly, so it is logical to communicate fast. However, as I do not believe in Astrology, I have dismissed that theory and simply accepted that my "dripping chamber" does not work as it should and the information flows out of my mouth without regulation.
You might be wondering what's wrong with all this? I think the main problem is that a large majority of people say they value honesty, but in practice turns out to be false and cause me problems constantly. Frankly speaking, the truth may be hard to accept. I have come to think that I'm surrounded by masochists, because they keep asking my opinion to later get upset by my answers. My boss is one of them. When you ask me about something, and as my dripping chamber does not work as it should, it flows uncontrolled data, communicating everything that crosses my mind, including unsolicited information. Yet again I think that if you don’t want an honest answer, you should better not ask. Over the years, maturity, and bad experiences have taught me, and I managed to detect this problem. Now I try to avoid to respond or if I do so, I reply in such ambiguous way, that can lead to the interpretation that each person wants to give.
This is one of the reasons I do not understand the Abstract Art; you have to understand the feelings of the artist, as opposed to Realistic Art, where you see what is represented. Honestly, I have no patience, and in many cases I have no time time or enough interest, to try to interpret what the artist wanted to represent. The few times I've tried, I have failed terribly. I see a black plastic bag with a wooden stick, and then they tell me that the artist wanted to represent the intellectual struggle of the French Revolution? Or those stains of colors, which to me means no more than a child in rage in possession of canvas and paints, and it turns out that it represents the joy of a mother who just gave birth to her firstborn? I have to apologize publicly, but I do not understand.
For me, art is the David of Michelangelo, or Van Gogh’s paintings, which although with different styles, there is no doubt that it is a vase with sunflowers or a Starry Night.
Thanks to Neuroscience, we can now assess the communication and symbolic reasoning as a primary key to the evolution of the early man to the present. However, I believe that in most cases we must learn to control the amount of information or the way we express it, especially in social media, business and personal situations. Take my advice on the subject and learn as humans evolved, from the mistakes of others, mine in this case.
In the picture below, I was photographed by the talented Andre Schrei in my different stages of blunder; communication, rationalization and Oops!

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