Thursday, July 16, 2015

Blind Spot

    People say that you should never embark on discussions about religion, politics or sports, because is a dead end; and I agree.

    We all have our blind spot, a tendency to ignore something, especially because it is difficult or unpleasant. Areas where we fail to exercise good judgment.

    It's a common human characteristic, I would say. The problem is that this very common characteristic, blinds our judgment and kills our common sense.

    My work is related to politics, and for me is a challenge to explain people that, this person or that candidate, that hero of theirs, has as many flaws as their adversary. People have a tendency to find excuses for their behaviour, and that makes my work even harder.

    In politics is hard to remain objective, and is a goal that my works asks me to achieve, to make judgements only based on facts, not beliefs.

    But hey, I am a human after all and I have a blind spot as well!

    On the bright side, as an aspiring writer, dealing with this, and be aware of it; helps me to create and understand my characters better, I can make them more human, and less perfect... more real. 


    1. True. In fiction, it quite often is the things characters don't see in themselves that create the most interesting conflicts.