Sunday, July 19, 2015

Book Fair

I love Book Fairs! I can visit one every single weekend, of course I'll be broke. 

Yesterday I went to the National Book Fair, and I felt like a kid at a Candy Shop, or better still, at a Toy Store :) 

I tried to be selective and purchased only a few books, but I am a bookaholic! To make things worse, I am greedy about books, I'll never have enough books! 

My life is all about books, the books I read, the books I buy, and the one I'm writing. 

In my bucket list, besides visiting some of the worlds more fabulous libraries and bookstores there is also a visit to Madrid, Guadalajara and Buenos Aires Book Fairs (I am alowed to dream that my books will make it to those fairs, and I'll be there!). 

While I complete my bucket list, I'm happy I went to Guatemala's International Book Fair (FILGUA). 

Cheers to Books!

1 comment:

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