Friday, July 17, 2015

I am Not a Morning Person

    I have a confession to make, I am no a morning person.

    I have noticed that for a morning person, it is very difficult to understand us, the night owls!

    The world is organised to function in the early morning. Morning people feel eager to get out from bed and start their daily routine. I've have also noticed, that most morning people are very strict about keeping schedules, and are highly organised. 

    For those of us that find more creativity and energy during the wee hours, is very difficult to function in this schedule. First of all we are always weary, and our brains doesn't seem to awake until late in the afternoon, or most likely at night. 

    Have you ever consider why is this? 

    Here is my theory: Until the beginning of the XX century, there was no electricity therefore you need to start your day early in order to take advantage of daylight. 
    As the century progressed and electricity was available to most (there are still some communities in third world countries, where electricity is a luxury, sad but true), you can work at night as well as in the morning. Now with the internet era, there is no limit of what you can do during night. 

    But I still live in a society where being a morning person is synonym of productivity and responsibility, and I have to live up to the expectations. 

    My brain, on the contrary, doesn't seem to understand about this rules imposed by society. Therefore I arrive at work dizzy and sleepy and I am unproductive, until later when I am starting to feel awake. 

    I am not a superhero to be able to spend all night awake, saving lives, to later begin the day as a "normal" morning person (one of the reasons why I love Batman, he wakes up late!). I need lots of caffeine and strength to keep up with the rest of the people I work with. 

    Welcome to my world! :)

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