Saturday, September 19, 2015

How To Be A Male Repellent

I've tried really hard to become an independent and self sufficient woman. I love to learn new things and of course reading. I am witty and have a quick mind. 

Therefore I have spent years triyin to become a better version of me. I have many flaws of course. But there is one that got me into trouble all the time; my blunt sincerity... 

Ironically I've noticed that being independent, smart and educated, combine together, work as a male repellent. 

Why men love stupid and needy women? (I know this words are per se a hasty generalization fallacy, but let's say the big majority?). 

If you read this you might think, it's my looks then. Well no, not that I clame to be gorgeous looking, but I am pretty or pleasant looking. 

I keep looking for a nice frog that I can kiss and will become my prince, (Independent, successful and smart, one that once kissed will not look like a frog any longer). 

Unfortunately, I normally told them that they look like frogs beforehand and that's how the story ends... 

I'm I to picky? Not really if you meet my exes.  

When will I learn to keep my mouth close and play the fool damsel in distress?

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