Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Lady Julia Grey Mystery Series and How I Found Them

I've discovered "A Lady Julia Grey Mystery" series by Deanna Raybourn by mere chance... Let's rephrase, Amazon recommended me the books after I devoured reading, "A Lady Darby Mystery" series by Anna Lee Huber.

Kiera and Sebastian the main characters in Huber's books left me with a literary hangover.  I was lost, looking for what to read next (not that I don't have a pile of books waiting for me to be read), but I've truly enjoyed this mix of mystery and “detectivesque” novel with the ambiance of the Victorian era.  

It all begun when I read a book based on true events named "The Suspicions of Mr Whicher: or the Murder at Road Hill House" by Kate Summerscale.  Added to my passion for Sherlock Holmes books, I can't deny I was hooked with Anna Lee Huber series.
I decided to give Deanna Raybourn books a chance and I'm glad I did. I still love Huber's books, but Mrs Raybourn is simply phenomenal.  Julia March Grey and Nicholas Brisbane are more complex, more human. The March family is a treat, and I love the rapport between the brothers and sisters. In fact, I believe the books got better after book 3 with more involvement of Julia's brothers and sisters.
I've read some nasty critics about the series. Saying that topics as homosexuality, etc., where our of place. Ask Mr Oscar Wilde then! I'm sure if he were alive, he will enlighten us a great deal about the real Victorian Society. And don't forget the best kept secret, Mr Dickens and his true love for Nelly Ternan.
At this point I have read all the books in the series (that have been published up to this date), including the novellas. I also read at the author's website that a TV series will be made. I am thrilled with the news!  
I highly recommend all the books mentioned here, but most specially "Lady Julia Grey Mysteries" series. Just beware, you'll fall in love with The Marches.

Look forward to the next mystery!

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